How it Works

The Pantry is open Monday to Friday, 0830 – 1200 (Closed Public Holidays). Customers will need to register (for statistical purposes) on their first visit only. On subsequent visits, the customer will need to provide a name, phone number and a number of how many people they are shopping for (Adults and children).

There are two types of hampers available. A Full Hamper has a handling fee of $40 and customers can shop dry goods, fridge and freezer, bread and fruit and vegetable sections. A Part Hamper is $25 and has everything except dry goods. Items available depend on what is available on the day.

Hampers are designed as a fill-in between shopping, not a full shop, though you do get items that are more than the handling fee. You do not need to be on a pension card or any type of benefit to use the service.

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