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Full Hamper – $40 handling fee

Part Hamper – $25 Handling fee

at 22 Stolzenberg Road KINGAROY

Monday to Friday, 0830 – 1200 (Closed Public Holidays)

For more information Phone 0438-071-658

Latest from the Blog

School Holidays and Stuff

Hope you coping well with the seasonal changes. We still have our adult winter clothing (not underwear) half price until the end of this week. If you are looking for something to do in the holidays we have a number of jigsaw puzzles (on top of the bookcases) plus two pogo sticks. These are forContinue reading “School Holidays and Stuff”

Spring has Sprung!

But we are still having our 50% off Winter Clothing (underwear not included) until the end of the month. Lots of bargains to be had. Winter clothes still needed in the morning and on windy days….. We have a good selection in our fridge and freezer at the moment and have lots of frozen breadContinue reading “Spring has Sprung!”


Its the last day of winter and we are having a 50% off all winter items sale! (Underwear not included) Get in and snap up a bargain before Spring arrives tomorrow….. Seriously, there are a lot of winter items we need to get rid of before we bring down all the summer clothes, so pleaseContinue reading “WINTER SALE!”

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