50% Off Women’s Slacks, Trousers, Jeans etc.

From next Monday (18 October) we will have 50% off Women’s slacks, trousers and jeans. We seem to have an abundance of these at the moment – come in and snap up a bargain! Also lots of baby clothes, and soft toys. Sorry, the pogo sticks have bounced off-site for someone’s Christmas, but the sleeping bag, car seat and cabinet are still here for sale.

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Our resident Test and Tagger has been busy and there are a number of small electrical goods ready for sale. Toasters, irons, dutch pancake makers and some things I am not sure what they are for…… Come in and have a looksee.

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Our Winter clothing sale has finished in the Thrift Shop, and we are getting the summer clothing out. We have some nice work shirts and slacks for sale, and an abundance of shoes.

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The pogo sticks and baby rocker have been sold, but we still have the cabinet, sleeping bag and car seat for sale. Lots of baby clothes and things too. Don’t forget the Thrift shop is open at the same time as the hamper section – Monday to Friday, 0830 – 12 noon (closed Public holidays).

I have been having a lot of cauliflower cheese lately with the delicious Tatura cheese sauce that we have in the fridge at the moment. I can also recommend the ham tortellini from the freezer……

Hope everyone is enjoying spring!

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School Holidays and Stuff

Hope you coping well with the seasonal changes. We still have our adult winter clothing (not underwear) half price until the end of this week. If you are looking for something to do in the holidays we have a number of jigsaw puzzles (on top of the bookcases) plus two pogo sticks. These are for younger children (see picture below) and are $15 each. Christmas is coming too……

For the even younger children, we have a baby rocker for $50

There is a small white cabinet for $10 and a sleeping bag for $5, as well as a small stroller for $15. Once I get the instruction manual to print (Aarrgghh!), we will have a car seat for $10 – cover needs a wash but otherwise OK.

Don’t forget the Pantry is closed Monday 4 October for the Queens Birthday holiday! Otherwise we will be open Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 12 noon. Safe journeys!

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Spring has Sprung!

But we are still having our 50% off Winter Clothing (underwear not included) until the end of the month. Lots of bargains to be had. Winter clothes still needed in the morning and on windy days…..

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We have a good selection in our fridge and freezer at the moment and have lots of frozen bread available if you have room in your freezer.

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Baby cos lettuce in abundance and also a large bin of mixed pumpkins, kindly donated from a local farmer – Thank You!

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Also don’t forget, we will be closed Monday 4 October for the Queens Birthday Holiday. Take care and safe journeys.

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Its the last day of winter and we are having a 50% off all winter items sale! (Underwear not included) Get in and snap up a bargain before Spring arrives tomorrow…..

Seriously, there are a lot of winter items we need to get rid of before we bring down all the summer clothes, so please come and help us have less to pack away and get a bargain at the same time!

We have a lot of hand knitted beanies in a variety of colours, dressing gowns and all sorts of things for winter.

We also have a set of four white suede armchairs for $60 the set. Very comfortable, and not as cold to sit on as leather…. Some arms and seats slightly stained, but all cleaned up as best we can.

QR Code

Our QR Code sheets have finally arrived! There is currently one to the left of the front door and one on the front desk.

We will still need to ask you for your name, phone number and how many you are shopping for for statistical and health regulation reasons. (Food recalls etc.). So please ensure you enter by the front door only (NOT the back door), and see our friendly desk staff – even if you are just looking at the Thrift shop. Thanks!

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Lost Property and Things

Just a reminder that you can shop as often as you like, and in any combination you like. Whatever works for you. Some shoppers just need fridge and frozen, plus bread, fruit and veges to tide them over, and some need twice the food to manage.

For example, you can get a full hamper as well as a part hamper at the same time. This way you would get the regular dry goods section, as well as double the fridge, freezer, bread and fruit and veges part of the shop. So $65 for a one and a half shop (or $66.30 if you use a card).

Or you could get two full or part hampers at once, so double the items for a full hamper double shop ($80 cash, $81.60 with a card) or double the fridge/freezer, bread, fruit and veges for the part hamper ($50 cash, $51 card).

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* * * * * * * * * *

We are also amassing a few lost property items. So far at the desk there is a single earring, some lego blocks, a single white baby sock and a BGL machine! If any of these are yours, please come and collect them. Some pictures below…..

Coffee Pods and Stuff….

We have a number of flavoured coffee pods for use (the ones that go in the machines) and our enterprising volunteers have investigated and found that they work OK if poured into a coffee plunger tray. So if you want to give it a go and have a coffee plunger, come and get some. Apparently not good just made as a spoonful in a cup of coffee……. 😦

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We have a good selection in the fridge and freezer this week and also a lot to offer in fruit and veges. We still have some of the small Easter eggs….. and other nibblies.

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A reminder that we will be closed on Monday 9 August for the Ekka Show Holiday. Spring is only 5 weeks away…..Keep warm!

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It is hard to leave the house in this colder weather, but a trip to the Pantry is worth the effort! We have a lot in our fridge and freezer this week, and also lots of fresh and frozen bread. If you have a sweet tooth, I can recommend the Kinder Surprise flavoured Easter eggs (yes, I know its July, but….. they are small and bite-sized and very moreish!). We also have some interesting items in the dry good shelves – come and take a look.

Our resident Test and Tagger has been busy, so there are a lot of electrical items for sale again. The $20 microwave is still here as well as a crockpot, toaster and George Foreman grill. There are a couple of TV’s and sound systems there too, and lots of other things. Come and snap up a bargain.

After last weeks rainy days we have put some raincoats and winter things out in the Thrift shop. There are some lovely hand-knitted baby cardigans on the racks at the moment. The stuffed toys are also looking for a new home. We have a cabinet with nice jewellery and watches and special gifts – ask for help if you want to have a look inside. Christmas will be here before you know it…….

Goods for Sale

The Thrift Shop still has a lot of bargains for sale. We have sold the round wooden table and four chairs, but there are some smaller furniture items for sale (Please note, we do not deliver). Our test and tag specialist has completed a whole lot of electrical items ready for sale.

We currently have a microwave for $20, a multi processor for $15, several lamp bases, and other bargain items ready for sale. There is a wheelie walker as well for $50 ( they range up from $125 new), and we have a lot of baby clothes for sale, mostly 50c each. We also have some bedding as well, even doggy blankets.

Of course we still have a lot of summer and winter clothing ready for sale. Some of the work clothes mentioned last post have gone – they looked sharp! – but there are still some available. The Thrift Shop, like the main Pantry, is open Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 12 noon (Closed Public Holidays)

Keep warm….See you soon!

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