It is hard to leave the house in this colder weather, but a trip to the Pantry is worth the effort! We have a lot in our fridge and freezer this week, and also lots of fresh and frozen bread. If you have a sweet tooth, I can recommend the Kinder Surprise flavoured Easter eggs (yes, I know its July, but….. they are small and bite-sized and very moreish!). We also have some interesting items in the dry good shelves – come and take a look.

Our resident Test and Tagger has been busy, so there are a lot of electrical items for sale again. The $20 microwave is still here as well as a crockpot, toaster and George Foreman grill. There are a couple of TV’s and sound systems there too, and lots of other things. Come and snap up a bargain.

After last weeks rainy days we have put some raincoats and winter things out in the Thrift shop. There are some lovely hand-knitted baby cardigans on the racks at the moment. The stuffed toys are also looking for a new home. We have a cabinet with nice jewellery and watches and special gifts – ask for help if you want to have a look inside. Christmas will be here before you know it…….

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