The South Burnett Pantry

Welcome to our new Webpage!

Hope you are able to find your way around.

In summary, we are open Monday to Friday each week from 0830 – 1200 each day.

New customers need to fill in a registration form for statistical purposes, and all customers need to provide a phone number (for COVID tracing purposes) each time they shop. You do not need to be on a pension card, welfare payment or government support to shop at tHe Pantry

There are two styles of hampers available – a Full Hamper for a $40 handling fee which has dry goods, fridge and freezer items, bread and fruit and vegetables. There is a smaller Part hamper available for $25 which has everything the Full Hamper has except the dry goods.

When you shop we will ask if you have been before, ask for your name and phone number, how many you are shopping for (Adults and children) and what size hamper you would like.

For more information call 0438-071-658

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